Closed mouth don’t get fed!

This is the most simple and obvious things in sales.  You must ask for the business.  No one is a mind reader.   It is amazing to me how many sales people I see that spend a lot of time developing the relationship and forget to ask for the business.  Everyone knows that you are running a business and expects you to offer your product or service, particularly in a sales meeting.  Of course the best sales video on this subject is Alec Baldwin with his ABC mantra in Glengarry Glen Ross.  ABC stands for Always Be Closing!

I was trained in a high pressure, high results focused outside sales environment.  Part of our training involved how to continue to “close” throughout the entire sales presentation.  Ask for buy in at the onset of the meeting.  Ask for clarification on needs.  Ask for clarification on objections.  The basic format for a great sales presentation is as follows:

  • Build Rapport (20%)
  • Need Analysis (50%)
  • Present solutions (10%)
  • Objection Handling (15%)
  • Close for next steps (5%)

When a prospective client and referral partner meets with you, part of the expectation is to learn about your business.  It is a safe place to ask for what you need.  If you need referrals to grow your business…Ask!  If you are looking to add valuable team members…Ask!  If you are looking for Yelp! Reviews…Ask! If you need feedback on your latest advertising/sales presentation/website…Ask!

ABC…Always Be Closing!

Always Be Closing
Always Be Closing

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