Don’t Force It!!

This is for my Dad.   My Dad, Gene Dallosto, is a math major, so is my sister, Karolyn.  I’m pretty sure they think I am from a different planet.  My Dad and I look alike and that is where the similarities end. Since my Dad is a High “C”, analytics, numbers, black and white, all come very naturally to him.  He is the guy that actually reads the instructions before putting something together.  In fact, I believe he reads them twice!!  Once we went 15 rounds of yelling over my philosophy on a computer program, of “let’s just try a few buttons and figure it out quickly” and my Dad’s philosophy of “Let’s get out the operations manual before we proceed.”

My father is always reminding me not to “force it”.  My childhood memories are mostly with the phrase being used when putting something together or taking something apart.  Of course, as an impatient person, and a child, I had to test the theory.  Usually, Dad was right.  My efforts often resulted in less than desirable results.

This same moto of “don’t force it” can be applied to sales.  The best opportunities, clients, promotions, etc. are often the ones that seem to present themselves seamlessly.  We have all had experiences with clients or prospects where it felt like wedging a square peg into a round hole.  It just doesn’t work.  Those seem to drain our energy, rob us of our joy and make us question our instincts.  I think the “don’t force it” philosophy can be closely tied to the “trust your gut” philosophy.

Joel Osteen once wrote that when you work in God’s plan it is effortless and when you work outside of God’s plan, it is rough and draining.  In sales, we need to trust our internal guidance system.  Do you need EVERYONE you meet to be your client?  How many clients do you really need to meet or even exceed your goals?  It is OK to fire a client, step away from a bad opportunity or business relationship to welcome the good ones.

Don’t Force It!  Sometimes it is ok to read the directions, take a deep breath, look around and remember that you are amazing.  Your product, service, experience and talents are not for everyone.  They are for the clients that are a joy to serve, that you look forward to working with them, even during a tough transaction.  Your willingness to be vulnerable, to share your gift and your wisdom is what will get you to success.  No need to force it.

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