Life is about Choices

Every day we make choices.  Do we set the alarm to get up early and exercise?  Do we make time to pray, plan, love, play and be massively productive?  Every little choice turns into habits that lead to our results, both positively and negatively.

How you plan you day is a demonstration to the world and yourself on your priorities.  Even if you don’t make a choice, that is a choice.  Letting the day go the direction of other people’s choices is still a choice.  You demonstrate your commitments by how you spend your day.

Every day you have choices, some large and some small, that will define your day, week, month, year and your life.  As an exercise when I was coached by Building Champions, they had me write my obituary.  It was very sobering and very enlightening.  The clarity of my daily choices was profound.  Am I making the daily choices that will lead to the future obituary I want written about my life?

Make your choices wisely.  It is the legacy you leave each day, that will one day be the legacy of your life.


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