Stop selling when the customer says YES!

My son Nathan, that seems to repeat back to me the “fortune cookie” comments.  Once when I was asking for help on a project, I had to sell it a bit to him.  After some discussion, he agreed and I kept telling him all the great benefits he would have by helping me.  After a few minutes of me continuing on with the benefits, he looked at me and said, “Mom, I said YES.  Stop selling when the customer says YES!”

When we listen to the needs of our clients, the selling becomes more of a conversation.  I have seen many sales people in my career get tripped up over this tried and true adage.  When the customer says “YES”…you are finished!  It doesn’t matter how long you spent preparing the most amazing sales presentation.  It doesn’t matter that you were only on the third of five points you wanted to make.  It doesn’t matter that you budgeted 90 minutes for this meeting and it has only been 20 minutes!  When the customer says YES…stop selling!

Sales people get paid when they close transactions, not for how long their sales presentation is or if they covered every item in the presentation.  Part of being a great salesperson is to engage with the client.  Stop “selling” when the customer says yes and you too will be a Great sales person!

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