Tips for Rock Star Real Estate Professionals

Tips for Rock Star Real Estate Professionals…

  • Don’t play your music so loud that you cannot hear the client
    • Talk to them about the process versus tell them
    • Connect personally, not just through email
    • Ask if they LIKE the home/loan/experience
    • People buy and sell real estate for the time in their life, not timing the market
  • Play the songs they want to hear
    • Are they enjoying the process
    • This is the American Dream!
    • Get to know their wants and dreams
  • Love ballads sell more records than loud rocking songs
    • Touch the heart
    • Connect with the motivation and the feelings
  • Celebrate and have fun
    • Make getting your offer accepted/loan approved a celebration
    • Celebrate each step
    • Have champagne, music, excitement
  • Make sure your clients love your music and want to share it with others
    • Do they download your song?
    • Do they tell their friends about your music?
    • What memories happen when you hear your favorite love ballad?

True Rock Stars love what they do and want to share their passion with others.  Love ballads sell more records than dance music.  Connect with the heart and the mind.  It’s fun to be a Rock Star!!