No or low cost ways to create real estate business

Looking for new real estate clients on a limited budget?  Check out these suggestions…

  • Interview top producers at your office
    • Ask how they got started
       Previous experience
       Who mentored them
    •  What they love about real estate
      • What their biggest challenge is
      • Magic Wand Question…if they had a magic wand to change three things about their business, what would it be?
         Listen
         Take notes
      • Ask if they need help
         Distributing flyers
         Runner for marketing items
         Follow up calls
         Showing Assistant
         Door knocking homes or business parks
         Hold open houses


  • Go meet with Builders in the area (
    • Introduce yourself
      o Preview the models
      o Ask to host a broker preview for the office-coordinate with the Manager
      o Ask to do a Facebook Live video on the models
      o Find out if any potential buyers have house to sell before buyer
    • Ask to be on the list of preferred Realtors
    • You will help to make sure the house is sold so the buyer can get into the new construction home
    • Ask what they do with prospective buyers that do not qualify at that price point
       Can you follow up with them?
       Can you give them a referral fee for anyone that buys with you
       What other projects are coming up for that builder
    • Become a New Construction specialist
       Facebook
       Instagram
       Videos on YouTube
       Go visit 5-10 builders every week and promote it on social media


  • Starbucks
    • Bring business cards & laptop/iPad
    • Go to each table
    • Drop of your cards
       I am a Realtor in the area, if you have any questions, please let me know
       I will be sitting over there
    • Open up your laptop/iPad
       Research nearby homes for sale
       Research open houses that weekend
       Research new construction projects (
    • Be friendly
    • If you don’t know the answer, take down their info and call them back after to talk to your mentor or Manager
    • Have fun!!

Happy Realtors Sell MORE Homes!

tips for a shifting market…again

In 2008 I had the pleasure of training with Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty on his book titled, Shift.  It was the Shift Book Tour and was filled with great information.  As it seems the market might be “shifting” again, I wanted to list out some of the high points of Gary’s book, Shift:

1. Get Real, Get Right – Mindset and Action

2. Re-Margin Your Business – Expense Management

3. Do More with Less – Leverage

4. Find the Motivated – Lead Generation

5. Get to the Table – Lead Conversion

6. Catch People in Your Web – Internet Lead Generation

7. Price Ahead of the Market – Seller Pricing Strategies

8. Stand Out from the Competition – Seller Staging Strategies

9. Create Urgency – Overcoming Buyer Reluctance

10.Expand the Options – Creative Financing

11.Master the Market of the Moment – Short Sales, Foreclosures, and REOs

12.Bulletproof the Transaction – Issues and Solutions