What do YOU Want???

I am Catholic school girl.  From aged 6 until 22, I attended St. Agnes and St. Francis for elementary school, advanced to Carondelet High School, where I spent most of my time at the boys’ school, De La Salle, across the street, and got a degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University.  What all that means is that I started selling, aka fundraising, at a very early age.  Luckily for me it came naturally.

My first exposure to “foot canvasing or door knocking” took place in 1st grade.  We had these boxes of peanut butter and chocolate candy bars to sell.  The winner of each class got a trip to the amusement park, Great America.  I thought that sounded like a great day for a six year old!  I figured if I sold five boxes of candy, with 20 bars in each box, I would win the award.  My mother once told me that I came to her with a plan.  The plan was to wear my St. Agnes uniform as I went around to the neighbors to sell the candy bars.  My dad would walk with me and I would do the talking.  I sold the first box in an hour.

I was the top fundraiser for my class every year, even when I moved schools and fundraising was for the wheel-a-thon.  In seventh grade I got beat out by a 1st grader whose parents had sponsored him to win with such high dollars, that I lost.  My parents taught me to go out and earn my own success and it frustrated me that I had done all the hard work.  So my eight grade year, I didn’t get mad, I got even, or get better.  That year also my father had forbidden me from buying a very popular, “boom box” of the mid-1980.  My Dad said that the size of boom box was inversely proportional to the size of the person’s brain.  It turned out that the prize for winning the top fundraising award for the wheel-a-thon that year was a Boom Box!!  I was so focused on my goal that I didn’t care if someone’s parents wanted to contribute extra money, I was going to WIN!  I knocked on hundreds of doors, spent hours after school every day and was committed to getting that Boom Box.  I was committed to the goal and knew the work it would take to get it.

After the final numbers were tallied at the school assembly the winners would be announced.  Each class, K-8 would have a class top fundraiser and then the overall winners would be announced.  I could see the Boom Box for the top fundraiser and I prayed I had won it.  When my name was announced as the top fundraiser for the school, the President of the Parent Council handed me the prize.  The President that year happened to be my Dad, Gene Dallosto.  The smile on my mother’s face was priceless.  She knew how much my Dad hated those Boom Boxes and was so proud of the work I had done to earn something I wanted so badly.

As a Real Estate coach and sales manager, I have had real estate agents and loan officers come to me for business planning advice.  Some have very lofty goals shared with me and some very modest ones.  What is important is…what do YOU want?  If you want it, we can make a plan to get you there.  Wanting it includes wanting to do all the activities and commitments that get you there. It is wanting more than just the results.  It is about wanting every part of the journey to get you there too!  What do you want?  Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?  If you want it bad enough, you will do what it takes to get there.


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