Actions ALWAYS Dictate Commitments

This weekend Chuck challenged me to “unplug” for a few hours while we enjoyed a “Day Date” in Los Gatos.  I have to admit that the first hour was a little weird for me.  The next six hours were fantastic!

This experience reminded me of times when my kids were younger and they made a game out of taking my phone from me so we could watch a movie.  That was a reality check.  How committed am I to my closest relationships if I am not truly present with them?  Does what I say am I committed to show up in my calendar and my actions?

How committed are we to our relationships, business and growth?  If we truly committed it will show up in daily actions.  Is the time blocked on your calendar to make lead generation calls?  Do you have time blocked on your calendar to meet with clients?  When are you leaving the office to go home and recharge with family and friends?

Our commitments are always demonstrated by our actions.  Take a look at how you spend your day to make sure you aligned with your goals and commitments!

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