This program provides an engaging half-day team development session based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Advantage models, developed by bestselling author Patrick Lencioni.

This program prioritizes translating concepts into tangible actions, benefiting not only the immediate team but also amplifying their impact across the teams or projects that each participant spearheads.


  • Facilitation of team session (4hrs)
  • Incorporation of a web-based team assessment
  • Incorporation of the DiSC Personalities & Behavioral Analysis
  • Pre-meeting preparation and planning sessions
  • Follow-up debriefing session with team leader
  • Session fee: WAIVED

Program Overview

  • Overview of The Five Dysfunctions Model
    Objective: Build a business case for team cohesion and identify the universal obstacles to effective teamwork.
  • Team Assessment Discussion
    Objective: Assess current strengths and weaknesses of the team.
  • Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions
    Objective: Train participants in the behaviors to establish trust, promote debate, assure commitment, and promote accountability and results.
  • Building Trust (Real-Time)
    Objective: Participants will use personal histories and DiSC Personality Assessments to identify and overcome common misassumptions about one another. Participants will experience a deeper level of trust as they reveal their own (and listen to other’s) personality and behavior patterns.
  • Conflict Profiling and Norming
    Objective: Participants will discover one another’s conflict styles and learn how to establish conflict norms to ensure conflict remains productive.
  • Effective Meetings Model
    Objective: Participants will be trained to use a meeting structure that ensures accountability for key initiatives as well as proper behavior.
  • Accountability
    Objective: Participants will give one another live feedback on behaviors that help and hinder their respective teams.
  • Wrap up/ Follow up
    Objective: To ensure continuity of cohesion going forward, each participant will commit to a specific behavior change.

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