The market has shifted, and agents are scrambling. Selling real estate in this market is for the professionals! Is that you?! You are an expert on your market and the sales contract. All you need is clients! Over the last ten years, the clients seemed to fall from the sky. Now we have to go out and find them.

Sales skills are rarely taught in real estate training. We provide an opportunity to strengthen that skill set. I designed and created Agent Forte for the agent committed to being a strong resource for their clients and community. Learning consultative selling skills and lead generation models to get you in front of more clients is how you can get your unfair share in this market. Investing in yourself is truly an investment in your business and your legacy. Let’s get started!

$98 Per Month/No Contract

Or $1000 Annually/No Contract

•Two 60 minute call/webinars per month

·45 minute training sessions

·15 minute Q&A

•Access to training vault for real estate agents

•Recordings of all training sessions

•Discounted rate for live events

Katey Dallosto is an expert in relationships, with extensive experience developing successful Realtor and Mortgage partnerships. Her background in corporate sales has allowed her success in building top-producing Real Estate branches, providing a unique perspective on collaboration, mutual success, and effectiveness.

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