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Whether it’s one-on-one coaching for owners and leaders or group coaching, Coach Katey will deliver her brand of Tough Love Coaching to help you exceed your goals.

Sales Training

If you’re struggling to make the phone ring, handle objections, create client presentations, and obtain the quality of life you deserve, Coach Katey will equip you with the skills to succeed in sales.

Keynote Speaking

If you want to energize and motivate your sales team and equip the leaders within your organization with the skills to grow your bottom line, Hire Coach Katey to speak at your next event.

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Set Your Team Up For Success

Coach Katey has been a real estate leader and coach since 2006. Over the last 18 years, she has been a national speaker for primarily the real estate and mortgage industries, with expertise in real estate agent and loan officer referral partnerships. She furthered her passion for helping her clients reach their goals with the release of her bestselling book, Fortune Cookie Leadership.

Coach Katey continues to speak at industry events, facilitates workshops, and empowers her one-on-one coaching clients to achieve their dreams. 

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Connections and Commisions