The market has shifted and is ever-changing. Leadership in a shifting market is very different than leadership in a sellers’ market with all-time low-interest rates! Leadership Forte is about building the strengths for you and your team.

This training includes two monthly leadership sessions with Q&A designed to provide real-time strategies for coaching, training, and recruiting for your team. Access to the training library gives you support for a “sales meeting in a box.” I designed one of the sessions to help you create sales meetings that your team will be excited to attend! Also included, I will host a mastermind with a speaker every quarter to hit on relevant topics for leaders in a shifting market. As we develop in-person events, you will receive a discounted rate as a member of the coaching platform.

$250 Per Month/No Contract

• Two 60-minute calls/webinars per month
· 45 minute training session
· 15 minute of Q&A
• Access to training vault including leadership programs
• Recordings of all training sessions
• Quarterly Mastermind event
• Discounted rate for live events

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