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ZOOM EVENT | How to Make it Rain | 8 Week Course
Starts July 13th at 10 am | Every Wednesday for 8 Weeks

You are amazing at working with clients!  Your clients LOVE you!  Why can’t we find new ones?  Learn how to generate new business by shifting your mindset from selling to serving.  Connections over Commissions is Coach Katey’s moto.  Learn how to connect with people that will naturally attract new awesome clients.

    • 8-week class
    • One hour via zoom
    • Twice monthly LIVE Q&A
    • Simple classwork
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Downloadable workbook
    • Class modules

  1. Closed mouth don’t get fed (mindset)
  2. Whatever I ask of life I will get! (Vision statement)
  3. Does the Audio match the video?  (Business planning)
  4. Time blocking is your friend (perfect week)
  5. How’s the Market? (scripts & objection handling)
  6. Five steps to a killer sales presentation
  7. How to make the phone ring (lead generation)
  8. Let’s have a Party!  (Open houses & Graduation)
Retail Price: $1,200
Enter Code "KATEY" for 50% off [$600]

Connections and Commisions