Join Coach Katey to learn how to speak Realtor and win more referral partners!

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You will learn how to:

• Create more consistency in their business

• Work with successful agents

• Become a partner, not just a provider

• Establish a proof of partnership model for success

• Generate leads to their style and niche

• Overcome borrower objections and create borrower urgency

• And much more!

Class Syllabus

1. Closed mouth don’t get fed (mindset)

2. How to speak Realtor (scripts & objection handling)

3. How to be a mind reader (DISC behavioral profiles)

4. Five steps to a killer sales presentation

**Mastermind Week**

5. How to make the phone ring (lead generation)

6. Does the Audio match the video? (business planning)

7. Time blocking is your friend (perfect week)

8. Let’s have a Party! (open houses)

Connections and Commisions