Keeping Momentum During the Holidays

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Many realtors and loan officers are talking about taking the rest of the year off and restarting their businesses in January 2023. I am going to challenge you to do the opposite! What we do today shows up in 90 days. So if we stop the momentum in our business, it could take up until April 2023 before you close your first transaction of the year. Why wait?!

To keep the momentum going during the Holidays while still having fun, I have three strategies to help you enjoy this unique holiday season and still feed your business.

Strategy #1: Get in the Holiday Spirit!

Have fun! Wear the ugly Christmas sweater. Sing Christmas carols. Make your favorite Hanukkah meal. Where a festive tie or scarf. Attend holiday parties. Volunteer. Host a holiday party. Collect canned goods and coats. Do a daily random act of kindness. Be festive!! 

It is a great way to meet new people, particularly like-minded people. If you are looking for referral partners or prospective clients, make friends first. Think like an eight-year-old. Get out on the playground and make new friends!

Strategy #2: Be Purposeful

When you are in the holiday spirit out meeting new friends, have a goal. How many new friends do you want to make at each event? How many of your past clients or sphere of influence calls will you make daily? 

It is a great opportunity to wish people well over the holidays. Find out what they are celebrating. What is the thing they missed the most during COVID that they get to do now? What are their goals or plans for 2023? 

Listen to learn and connect from the heart. Ask them how you can help support them in their goals and if appropriate, ask for support of yours. Have an answer for “How’s the market?” or “What are rates?” that will help you capture new contact information and schedule an appointment. Remember, these two questions are the international sign for “Get an appointment!” 

Strategy #3: Have a System

This is how to turn those new friends into new clients and partners. Have a system for following up with them.  

  • Have a lead capture program like or your CRM to get their contact information
  • Schedule 90 minutes, five days per week, for follow-up items
    • Calls to schedule appointments with new friends
    • Calls to your past clients or sphere of influence
    • Any follow-up items of support
  • Add the names to your CRM for a drip email campaign

Making a commitment to follow-up demonstrates you are trustworthy and honor your word. These simple follow-up items can build a foundation of trust for years.

Please enjoy the holidays, have fun, and make new friends this holiday season. 

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