Grow Your Business in the Holiday Season

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Over the next five to six weeks, Real Estate professionals will be invited to a lot of parties. Some will be professional parties, and some will be personal. Many Realtors and Loan Officers look at this time of year as the perfect opportunity to organize or prepare a business plan for the coming year. Although it is good to take time to work “on” your business, it is crucial to take advantage of the time of year to actually build your business. Here are three strategies leveraging to grow your business during the holiday season!


  1. Strategic Meetings with Realtors and Loan Officers

As business tends to be a bit slower this time of the year, it is a great time to meet for strategic planning. Realtors and Loan Officers need each other more than ever as the market continues to shift across the country. Sit down with your partner to determine how you will use tools like Mortgage Coach and the Homebot digest to capture leads. As the market shifts, there are opportunities of this market. 


  1. Volunteer

Take the time to meet new people, help others, and have that wonderful sense of holiday giving… of your time. Happy salespeople sell more stuff! Get out in your community, find like-minded people and make new friends. Our job is to make new friends, then help them make good decisions. When we interact with like-minded people that share a passion, it makes it easier to make friends. Add your new friends to your CRM and get them the information they need to make smart decisions. 



In the next 5-6 weeks, you will be invited to or host a crazy amount of holiday parties. Make the most of it! Set a goal for yourself. Add five people at each party to your CRM. At these parties, you will get the standard “How’s the market?” or “What are Rates?” question. What a gift! 


People are curious about what you do every day. Awesome! No one is interested in “the market.” People have a very specific area that is important to them. The best answer is, “It depends. Are you buying or selling?” Find out what market is important to them and set the next natural step. 


In my experience, it seems most people ask me, “How’s the market?” on the second cocktail! Take 30 seconds to enter in their contact information so you can continue to enjoy the party. Enjoy the holidays and make new connections that will lead to future opportunities in 2022! Happy Holidays!

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