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Referral partners meeting
Referral Partners

Creating Great Partnerships in a Shifting Market. Who’s your partner?

“Walk with the wise and become wise,
 for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20 My mom used to say, “tell me who …


Halftime: How to Win the Second Half of 2022

It’s almost halfway through the year, and I have been doing a bit of second-half business planning over the last few days. Here’s my strategy …


Grow Your Business in the Holiday Season

Over the next five to six weeks, Real Estate professionals will be invited to a lot of parties. Some will be professional parties, and some …



It’s mid-December, and things are starting to slow down in many sales offices. With Christmas less than a week away, people are spending time shopping, …


A Talker’s Guide to a Silent Retreat

Talking is sort of my thing. Being Irish and Italian, it is said that I like a loud fight! Since I was six years old, …

Connections over Commisions